The Outdoor Kind Adventure Show!

Episode 001: Our Premiere Episode with 10 Special Guests!

May 26, 2021

Join host John Van Barriger as he welcomes 10 special guests to The Outdoor Kind Adventure Show's premiere episode! Hear short interviews with hiker/paddler Tori Baird; "Happy Camper" Kevin Callan; "Camper Christina" Scheuermann; Arctic Explorer James Raffan; Outdoor Kind co-founder Janet Werth; and firefighter Chad Willemssen. Musicians Jerry Vandiver and Caitlin Evanson join in the fun, and then provide a debut performance of the beautiful "Seattle Mist." Adding to the festivities are John's responses to the Baker's Dozen questions, and two super-secret special guests! If you enjoy hiking, camping, or paddling, subscribe to The Outdoor Kind Adventure Show today!

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